Free Printable Spring Flower Embellishments

We witnessed with delight the miracle of crocuses in bloom peeking through the snow earlier this week.  It feels like such a miracle to me every single year.  Elijah was so taken with them that he checks on them multiple times a day.

I find all early spring flowers completely delightful. They’re just such a welcome change after our long, cold mountain winters. In celebration of spring’s arrival, I’ve created a little download for you. It’s full of sweet spring flowers: daffodils, hyacinths, sweet peas, tulips and crocuses.

My journal is a mash-up of many styles: commonplace book, reading journal, gratitude journal and daily log.  I love keeping track of everything in one single journal because it’s such a good snapshot of what’s going on in my life and with my family at any give time.  

Use these embellishments in many different ways, including:

  • journals
  • planner/bullet journal
  • scrapbooks
  • art journals
  • cards
  • mail (I think they’d look so sweet on an envelope.  In fact, I’m planning to send some to my penpals this week)
  • hang on the wall

This time I’ve included two pages and a couple of different sizes of embellishments. Grab your free download here.

 You can find more embellishments here, and I’ll be sharing more monthly all year long!

My favorite journaling supplies.


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