General Conference Journal for Busy Moms (and HUGE coupon code!)

 I used to take copious notes during General Conference.  By the end of each session I’d have written pages and pages of inspiring quotes and detailed impressions.  That doesn’t happen as much anymore, now that we have kids.  It’s hard to listen to a complete session, no matter how many amazing keep-the-kids-quietly-busy activities I plan and prepare.

So I designed a General Conference journal with the busy Mama in mind.

It includes the following pages:
Two pages with fun hand-drawn frames for recording your favorite quotes
Inspiration for my Calling
Inspiration because I am a Mother
Inspiration because I am a Wife
Inspiration because I am a ________ (with a spot for you to fill in the blank)
Goals Sheet: now that you’ve received inspiration, how do you plan to implement it in your daily life?

I used these pages last conference and loved the way they helped me focus and listen for direct inspiration for my needs.   For example, each time I heard a tidbit of information that would help me in my role of Mother, I wrote it down on my “Inspiration because I am a Mother” page.

 I love to go back through and listen/watch/read the talks again after Conference is over for a more in depth study experience, but this journal is designed to be used more in the moment, while you are listening to inspired church leaders with your loud, darling, distracting family gathered around 🙂

 It is meant to be simple, easy to use and uplifting. Jot down your impressions and the beautiful quotes you hear, and retain more of the insights you receive during General Conference.

This journal is available for instant download in my Etsy shop.  Now through September 30th, use the coupon code CONFOCT14 to purchase it for only 50 CENTS!

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