Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal

Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal is here!  I’m so excited to share a peek into this project that is now available for purchase.  Grab yours here.

I’ve always kept a journal; writing through my thoughts and emotions is such an effective way for me to process them. Over the years my journals have evolved, but the reason I spend time in them remains the same.  An added bonus is that I love to look back through them occasionally and remember the funny things a child said, or a sweet heartfelt moment, or re-live the heartache I was feeling as I wrote and then remember how a trial was overcome. It’s such a blessing to look back and see God’s hand shaping my life.

Whenever I share glimpses into my journals (like this travel journal, or this one) I often hear the comment, “Oh! I wish my journal could look like that!”  If you’ve ever felt that way: wanting to include doodles and ephemera in your journal, but not really sure where to begin, Grateful Heart is for you!

Each page has a hand-lettered prompt, designed to get your creative juices flowing.  These prompts will spark memories and inspire you to write or paint or draw about blessings you have received.  You can use any techniques or methods you want in this journal, but here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • glue/tape in photos of your favorite people and places
  • write detailed memories; you’ll love to go back and read these in the future
  • use colored pencils or colorful pens to tell your story
  • doodle
  • make a list
  • color in the prompts and journal all around them
Here are some of the ways I’ve been filling up my own gratitude journal:

Buy your Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal here.

I would really, really love to see this journal in use! Please share a photo of your journal on Instagram and tag me!

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