Great Gifts for Kids (that you won’t regret giving them after 5 minutes)

It’s that time of year again!  I absolutely love finding just the right gift for my loved ones. There is nothing better as a parent than seeing the face of your child light up in delight on Christmas morning.

I have strong feelings about toys and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I can’t handle things that make a lot of noise so I’ve put together a list of gifts you’ll be happy you (or your adoring Auntie) gave your kids.
These are ideas that inspire imaginative play and create happy family memories, not tinny electronic noise and broken plastic bits on the floor.


You probably won’t be surprised to see that books top my list of awesome gifts.  You can check back through the archives of all the books I’ve shared here.  But I’ve also got a few new favorites to share with you. We’ve been really enjoying these books lately (click on the photo to see details on each book):




Apart from the typical Lego sets, I’ve recently discovered these awesome Scripture Stacker building sets.  Use the code : STACKERS25 to get 25% off through December 2017!  Both of my boys will be getting some of these in their stockings this year.

Kiwi Crate Our son is subscribed to the Tinker Crate and he adores it. They have several different boxes available for other age groups/interests. I think the Doodle Crate looks especially fun.  Everyone from infants to teens would love a subscription.

Do-It-Yourself Ideas:

Crafty Kit

Inventor Kit

Science Kit

I love this idea for a DIY Craft Subscription Kit

Craft Kit in a Tackle Box! I might need this one myself.

I’ve used these journals with my daughter and we both love them.  So simple and sweet and a fun way to record our memories and relationship.

Journal/Art Supplies

Experience Gifts:

We love to give gifts like this.  Each year we give both sets of grandparents tickets to see a play at a favorite local theater.  Some other ideas include:

Memberships to a Zoo, Aquarium or Children’s Museum
Tickets to a Movie
City Passes (often cities offer tickets to multiple venues/museums for a lower price)


We love to play games as a family. Some of our recent favorites include:

Here’s a great list of games that are fast (because, let’s face it, sometimes we need to not spend 2.5 hours playing Monopoly)

Sensory Needs:

All of these things have made a huge difference with our child who has sensory processing disorder.

Weighted Blanket. We are very blessed to have an extremely talented grandma who made a weighted blanket for Elijah.
Chewy Necklace
Sensory Swing Our little guy has used a swing like this in his Occupational Therapists office and (shhh) he’s getting one for Christmas to hang in his bedroom.
We’re also going to be building a Climbing Wall for him soon.

I’m going to put in a little plug for my own book as well.  This would be the perfect gift to go along with a family goal of studying and understanding the scriptures together.  It includes lots of places to doodle and draw, many thought-provoking questions and 215+ pages to help you dive deeply into favorite Book of Mormon scripture stories. Book of Mormon Study Guide for Families.

Here’s to you and your family this holiday season! 

What gifts would you add to this list?