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HEAR HIM Scripture Journaling

HEAR HIM Scripture Journaling

Documenting my study of President Nelson’s talk “Hear Him” from April 2020 General Conference in my scripture journal.

I’m working in 3 Nephi 11, where Heavenly Father introduces Jesus Christ to the Nephites using words “Hear Him”. This talk is so powerful. My biggest takeaway were concrete examples of ways that I can better Hear Him in my own life.

Promises given:

As we hear, harken and heed we’ll have:

*additional power to deal with temptations, struggles and weakness. *miracles in marriage, family relationships and work

*our capacity to feel JOY will increase


Kuretake Tambi Watercolors

Paper scraps

Micron Plastic Nib pen

hand-carved stamps + ink pad

Stamp carving tool

Speedball Rubber


NOTE: This is my art journal version of the scriptures. I have another copy that I read/study in so it doesn’t bother me to cover up the words sometimes.

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      Hello Miss Heidi and family! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your process videos and sketch notes! Love the new format and really like the study calendar. Even though it’s just me and hubby, It will help us stay on track with CFM. So Thank you!! You are awesome. Stay well, and blessings!
      Tina Maxson

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