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How to Create a Tape Image Transfer

How to Create a Tape Image Transfer

Hey there!
Have you ever created a tape transfer?  It’s almost like MAGIC! 
Whenever I teach this method in workshops, the attendees are seriously SO delighted!
It’s incredibly easy and all you need is a magazine image and some packing tape.  The packing tape stays sticky and you can use the image like a sticker in your journal.  It’s so fun!
I love to use tape transfers in my bible journal, as well as my regular art journal.  They make such an impact, for very little time and effort.  
Watch the video below to see how I create tape image transfers.
The final step: Usually if you let the tape dry for a bit, it will become sticky again and you can just place it on your page without using anything else! (So cool, right?) If for some reason it doesn’t get sticky again I just use a glue stick to glue it down.