January 2019 Come Follow Me Copywork

January 2019 Come Follow Me Copywork

Copywork that goes along with the January 2019 Come Follow Me Primary manual. Free printable copywork for Latter-Day Saint Families.

We use copywork in our homeschool regularly. It’s a fantastic way to instill a love of beautiful words in our children’s hearts.  It also helps them memorize scripture and other powerful quotes.

I will be creating copywork packets each month that coordinate with the Come Follow Me primary curriculum.  Each packet will contain powerful scripture from the New Testament in three different styles of copywork: tracing (perfect for beginning readers/writers) guided (for children who are more comfortable writing but still need guidelines) and lined (for students who are adept at forming letters).

This packet features fourteen different scriptures in each of the above styles (so it’s 40+ pages long!).

How to use the Come Follow Me Copywork Pages:

Print out and add to a three ring binder or a folder.

Assign your child to work on copywork for a certain amount of time each day (generally 5-7 minutes is plenty).

They can copy the same phrase repeatedly, or move on to the next page if they finish before their time is up.

There is (usually) plenty of room on the copywork pages for your child to copy the phrases multiple times on one page.