Journal with Me: A Quick Weekend Trip

How to Journal process video.  Watch me put together a couple of quick journal spreads from a weekend trip to visit friends and family.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is adding little memories, sketches and ephemera to my journal.  Usually I sit down for a few minutes a day or two after we get home and work in my journal for a little while.
Two weekends ago we loaded the family in the van (all six of us) and headed South.  We visited Grandma on the way through town, went to a play with my parents and then drove another few hours to visit some dear friends who just moved and are starting a tremendous adventure together.  (For more details on them check out 8people3dogsandasnakeonabus ).  
We spent the weekend with them, did a little impromptu adventuring in deep snow and spent a day at Dinosaur National Monument.
Join me in this video as I add the bits I collected on the trip into my journal.  (This is my very first video, so please be kind!)  After I added all the ephemera to my journal, I spent some time writing about our trip. (I journal on the blank spaces around the embellishments.) 

Various papers collected from our trip: playbill, a fake newspaper they handed out at Newsies, ticket stub, maps, postcard, etc.
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