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Journaling Prompts for Fall Free Printable

Journaling Prompts for Fall Free Printable

FREE printable journaling prompts for fall and back to school.

Journaling is helpful to me on so many levels. It’s one of my favorite ways to relieve stress and work through my emotions. I journal to record memories and to hold on to beautiful quotes I read or funny things the kids said.

Sometimes opening up my journal to a blank page can be intimidating.  I just don’t know where to start.  I’m willing to bet that many people have that same issue!

As a way to help us overcome the fear of the blank page, I am excited to share some journaling prompts!  My plan is to put together a list of prompts like this every month.

I included 24 prompts for the month.  It just didn’t feel necessary to do one for every day because I didn’t want anyone feeling like they had to ‘catch up’ if they got behind.  (If that bugs you and you’d really like to have enough prompts for one each day for the month, will you please let me know?)

Here’s how this works:

  • download the free printable journal prompts below
  • print them out 
  • cut out the prompts
  • glue them into your journal
  • answer the questions however works best for you!
I find it helpful to prepare several pages at once and then do the actual writing little by little over time.  So I sat down with my cut-out journal prompts, a glue stick, some washi tape and hand-carved stamps and ink and prepped every single prompt at once.

That may be overwhelming to you, not knowing how much space you’ll want once you actually start writing.  It doesn’t bother me to add a little tip-in to the page for extra space if needed, or continue my thoughts further into the journal, with a little note about where to go next.
I created a short video so you can peek inside my journal to see the pages I created.  I tend to lean toward more simple pages. and you’ll see that reflected in my journal.  
I chose to add one prompt for every two-page spread, but you could do whatever works best for you.

You may not feel like specific prompts apply to you, but I’d like to challenge you to come up with an answer anyway.  You may be surprised at the memories and feelings you uncover as you work through the list of prompts.

These prompts could be used in many ways.  You could answer the questions bullet list style (the quickest and easiest method of journaling, in my opinion) or write long-form answers.  You could include a photo for each prompt, or doodle your responses.

There are so many options!  I’d love to see how you use them! Take a photo and tag me on Instagram!