LDS Primary Copywork {free printable packet}

I have a strong desire to fill my children up with beautiful words.  Those words enter our home in many ways:  read-alouds, personal reading, family scripture study, quotes and encouragements hanging on the walls, audiobooks, the lyrics of favorite music. One of my favorite ways to fill their heads with beauty is through copywork.

(If you’re wondering what copywork is, this is a great explanation).

I recently had the idea to use the LDS Sharing Time Outline as a copywork guide.  The outline is filled with beautiful words in the form of the scriptures and songs our children are learning in Primary this year.

This copywork packet contains all of the scriptures and songs for the 2014 Sharing Time outline as well as many beautiful images and a few other activities. As your children copy these passages, they will not only improve their penmanship but they’ll also be filled with inspiring words.