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“Look Up” Free Journal Printable

“Look Up” Free Journal Printable

This month’s free journaling printable is one I am super excited about! You can find past free journal printables here.


I have been working in our yard and garden a lot lately. Cleaning up, preparing for planting. Removing the dead and damaged branches, making way for new growth. And in a sense that echoes the place I find myself in life right now: clearing out what is not serving me well, the habits and practices that are no longer leading to growth.

I created this Look Up printable with springtime weather in mind. Now that the days are mostly sunny and warm where we live, it feels like we’re coming out of the dark days of winter and into the sunshine. I wanted to highlight that feeling with these sweet illustrations and quotes that can be used to brighten someone’s day in so many ways.

a-lively-hope-journal kit

I chose to print them on sticker paper to use in my journal, but I think it would be really fun to print them on cardstock and hang them up in different places for people to find. Maybe stick them inside books shelved at the library? Now that I think of it, I definitely want to make that happen!

These hexagon-shaped cards are extra fun! You can arrange them in so many ways on the page, and I just love how cheerful they look grouped together.

My journal method is pretty simple. Each month I sit down and set up some basic embellishments for the month ahead. You can find my Frog and Toad set-up here. Usually I pick a general theme and use washi tape and stickers or other ephemera that fit the theme. I add a few things to each page, as a jumping off point.

Throughout the week I keep the journal on my bedside table and each evening as I’m winding down I add a few highlights from the day to my journal. It could be something funny one of the kids said, or a work accomplishment, or even just a movie that we watched. Usually I record things I’m grateful for from the day.

Once or twice a month I sit down with my basket full of bits and pieces (little things I’ve collected that I want to add to my journal) and have a big journaling session, adding them into the blank spaces in my journal from the past couple of weeks. Over time these sessions add up to full colorful pages, just the way I LOVE my journal to look!

Check out how I used them in the video below. First I’ll go through how I keep my daily gratitude journal and then do a quick process video of how I used these cute printable stickers when I set up my journal for this month.