Our Christmas Break Morning Time Plans

While we are technically on a school break for the next couple of weeks, we still have an unofficial Morning Time routine.  We love sitting down together in the mornings to read just for fun and my kids go a little crazy without that time. So we often continue with the tradition even on break weeks, and especially around Christmas with so many good books in abundance.

This year we’re reading A Little House Christmas Treasury  and it’s just as lovely as it sounds.  It includes the Christmas chapters from each of the Little House books.  It sweet and a perfect reminder of the delight and magic of this time of year.  Yesterday we read the chapter from Little House on the Prairie when Mr. Edwards met Santa Claus in town and brought gifts to Laura and Mary through the raging river.  Even though they’ve heard this story before, my kids were mesmerized.

We’re also reading The Life of Our Lord by Charles Dickens.  It’s a short book that Dickens wrote to teach his children about Jesus Christ.  We’ll read a chapter or two per day of this throughout the Christmas break.

We’re working our way through this Names of Christ advent, as well.  The kids color while I read, and it’s the perfect way to help bring a little more of Christ into our season.

What are you reading aloud with your kids?