Our Most Effective Family To-Do List Tool

Want to know our secret for getting stuff done?

It’s not an app or a complicated system, but I promise that if used intentionally this will make a huge difference in your life and will lower your stress level. You probably have this tool in your home already. You ready for the big reveal?

A piece of cardstock and a sharpie.

Sit down (with your partner, if you have one) and make a list of all those nagging little projects, errands and home/family maintenance items you’ve been meaning to get to. Those things you talk about and then promptly forget (or are we the only ones who do that?).  Include other goals as well, maybe a date night or a special one-on-one time with a child.  Set a deadline.  Generally we do one list for a month, but in the case of a long weekend or over the holidays, we’ll make a specific list just for that time.  Stick the list on the fridge and try to accomplish everything before your deadline.

I love to cross items off using a colorful highlighter or crayon, but that’s just me. 😉

Above is our list from the week between Christmas and the New Year. Jason had about 8 days off and we accomplished a lot during that time.  Notice that we didn’t get to everything.  No big deal, just add it to the next list.

I believe this method works better for us than a digital list because it’s right there in our faces all day. We don’t have to go out of our way to remember what needs to be done.  The list is front and center and many of the tasks only take a few minutes. When we have a handful of free time, we can quickly make that call.  When we have a bit longer, we do the more involved tasks.

Items can be added to the list as you remember them, or you can start a new list and set it aside for the next month.

This simple and cheap method works well to help us manage all the odds and ends of running a household and the ins and outs of maintaining and renovating a home.

How do you manage your family to-do list?