Peek Into My Art Journal: December 2015

I’ve been discovering what a stress relief it is for me to sit with my sketchbook for a few minutes each day and work on something that’s completely my own.  I don’t create these spreads with the thought that someday they could be prints in my shop or free printables for the blog.  They are simply a way to fuel my creativity, a way to process thoughts, ideas,  and plans for the future.

Lately I’ve found myself in a bit of a geometrics phase: lots of triangle and swirly lines.  And, now that I look back through these images, there seems to be a running color palette, as well.

All these images were created using Koi Brush Pens and Micron Pens,  I used a Windsor and Newton watercolor set for the hand-lettered quote. I use this sketchbook.

The Eiffel Tower drawing was done on the day of the terrorist attacks in Paris.  I was overwhelmed with hurt, with fear for the world we live in and sorrow for the victims and their families.  I had no words to offer. But those few moments, praying as I drew in my sketchbook with tears streaming down my face, brought a measure of peace to my heart.

Things may be a little quiet around here for the next week or two as I finish up some illustration projects and enjoy the holidays with my favorite people.  Merry Christmas, dear friends!