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Scripture Journaling

Scripture Journaling

This week I have been studying the talk “A Living Witness of the Living Christ” by Bishop Gerald Causse from April 2020 General Conference. I was so struck by his words that I wanted to document them in my scripture journal. I created a process video for you to see how I created this scripture journal page.

I use a journaling edition of the Book of Mormon from Deseret Book to record my thoughts and feelings on what I’m studying. And because I’m such a visual learner, this often is also an artistic expression of my testimony.

One of my favorite ways to really dive into the scriptures is to ponder what I’ve read while I create art in my scriptures. I keep a separate Book of Mormon just for this purpose. My everyday study copy is also full of doodles and notes, but not quite like this.

Because this book serves as a record of my testimony RIGHT NOW, I don’t worry too much about covering up other verses. I don’t study in this specific book, I don’t need to read the words. It serves as a way for me to document what phrases and verses stuck out to me at this moment in time. The next time I read through the Book of Mormon I will probably get another copy and it will look entirely different, filled with other lessons I learned; different verses that held different meaning to me.


Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors

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Journaling Edition Book of Mormon