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Startitis + Free Handmade with Love Tags

Startitis + Free Handmade with Love Tags

I’m not sure if it’s because Spring has finally arrived (we’re ignoring the snowstorm that occurred at the end of last week) or if something is in the air, but I’ve got a serious case of Startitis. The definition, for those who don’t know: Startitis– the condition of wanting to start all sorts of projects, but not before finishing others.  It’s a pretty common malady for makers, I’m afraid, so chances are that you’ve had a case yourself, or you’ve known someone who has.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve started a few thing of different varieties.  Some knit, some crochet and one cross-stitch project of my own design (which will take approximately 9065 years to complete).

My Knit the Sky Blanket is still in the works, and I LOVE how it’s turning out.  I write down a description of the sky each day and I’m making slow, steady (but not daily) progress on actually doing the stitches.

Not shown: the plain stockinette sock I finished knitting but then ripped out. I had been working on this sock off and on for a week, and the whole time I was knitting it I found myself thinking, “this is way too wide.” “These socks will be much too wide, there’s no way they’ll stay up.” and so on. But I didn’t listen to myself.  I tried the unfinished sock on multiple times and managed to convince myself that it would be fine.  I kept knitting.  I finished the sock and stitched up the toe and put it on and wore it around for a while.  It fell down.  It felt loose and weird.  I was disappointed.

But, I kid you not, I began thinking about casting on to make the other sock so I’d have a matching pair.  I tried to convince myself that it would be fine and it wouldn’t bug me that much. I decided to think about it for a while and cast on another sock instead (the lovely purple one above, this time with some ribbing that I knew would stay in place better).  After I’d knit on it for a while I realized how silly I was being about the stockinette sock and I unpicked the toe stitching, ripped back the yarn and decided to try again with another pattern. I feel a sock-knitting obsession coming on (again, possibly caused by warmer weather) so I’m sure there will be updates soon.


Because I understand completely if you’ve got a bunch of projects on the needles (or the hook, or whatever craft you’re currently into) and because I know that many of the things you make are gifts for your loved ones, I put together a couple of sweet and simple tags.  There are two different varieties, one that wraps around your project and one to use as a tag for a wrapped gift. Both have two different hand-drawn designs.

You could color these in, print them on colored paper, or leave them as is.  They’re pretty cute any way, I think (download below).

Download the gift tags by here