Super Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments to make with Kids!

Super Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments to make with Kids!

An easy and fun Christmas ornament craft to do with kids.
Every Christmas my kids and I gather to make some simple ornaments.  We give these as gifts to their grandparents, teachers and youth group leaders and they often make extra for their friends as well.

There’s nothing better than a sweet handmade gift from a kiddo, so these little ornaments are always well-received. I love to come up with new, fun and simple ideas for this project each year.

This year I was inspired to use the Mini Jenga blocks found at the Dollar Tree (you can also find them on Amazon, if you’d rather not make a trip to the store) to create some cute, simple little wooden ornaments.

I taught the class of 8-11 year old boys at our homeschool co-op how to make these, and it was a big hit!  They come together so quickly and look so great when they’re done!


Mini Jenga Blocks

Flat-backed buttons: I found some snowflakes, hearts and trees at Joann Fabric. I can’t find a link to the exact trees and hearts I bought, but this set would be a good alternative.  These are fun, too.

Hot Glue Gun/ Glue


The video below will show you exactly how to put these together, but it’s really pretty simple.  

Glue three jenga blocks together.

Add a button or two, or three on the front.

Glue the ribbon on the back.

I like to have our kids sign/date the back as well so we can remember who made them and when.  Again, is there anything cuter than little kid handwriting on a handmade gift? Definitely not.

I’d love to see how your projects turn out! Take a photo and tag me on Instagram!

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