Vintage Ephemera Kits + Journal With Me Video

Vintage Ephemera Kits + Journal With Me Video

Journal with me process video + Vintage Ephemera Kits for art journaling, collage, etc.

In celebration of my 40th birthday, each month this year I’m releasing a new product! This month I put together Journal Ephemera Kits. They are packed full of vintage paper, hand-painted paper, maps, children’s book pages and all sorts of goodies. I love using pages like this in my journals, and wanted to give you an idea of how I do that, so watch the video below for a process video using bits from one of the ephemera kits.

Click here to grab your 40+ pages of vintage paper and other art papers

Each pack contains:

Vintage book pages (dictionary, typewriter manual, textbooks, etc)
Vintage Children’s Book pages,
Hand painted papers
Vintage wallpaper, contact paper and wrapping paper
Vintage game pieces and/or postcards
Printed and pattered papers

Each kit contains many pages of various sizes from 8.5×11 inches to scraps about 2×2 inches.

Perfect to use for art journals, collage fodder, mixed media pieces, scrapbooks, journaling, etc.

The video includes a flip through and explanation of a full kit, as well as a look into how I use papers like this.

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