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Watercolor Fun for Beginners Series

Watercolor Fun for Beginners Series

Get ready to have so much fun creating with watercolor this summer! I will be sharing three videos a week for TEN weeks this summer!

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This page contains the master list of all the videos for the whole series. Click on the image below to go to the individual video page for each project.

Each of these activities are projects I do with my in-person kids watercolor classes and they are perfect for various ages (including adults!). The idea is that you watch the short video together and then complete the project. You can watch again as you go, but watching the video all the way through before you start painting ensures everyone knows what direction the project is going.

Follow along with me as we learn all about watercolors!

My goal with this series is for it to be SIMPLE and FUN for the whole family. We will use the same supplies over and over again, so you don’t have to hunt down different supplies for each project.

Supply List:
  • Watercolor set (I recommend one per person. Prang watercolors are my very favorite for beginners. Make sure to get the NON-washable version, as the colors are so much more vibrant).
  • Brushes. The brushes that come with the Prang sets are pretty decent, but you could buy others if you want to have a variety of sizes.
  • Pencil and pens. We won’t use these every time, but a pencil will come in handy as will a sharpie or other kind of permanent black pen.

Happy painting!