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“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home” Free Printable

“We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home” Free Printable

“We are all just walking each other home” Ram Dass

Free printable journal cards and wall art.

“We are all just walking each other home” I love this quote by Ram Dass so much. The idea that we are all on a journey together, that our intent and purpose here is to treat each other like friends. To be kind and go the extra mile. To walk each other home.

“We are all just walking each other home”

Ram Dass

I just love this quote by Ram Dass. It’s been on my mind consistently for the past couple of weeks. The thought of us all just walking each other home It’s so impactful to me. Whatever life throws at us, whatever our circumstances or family life or opportunities or orientations, God placed us here all together and it is His desire that we treat everyone kindly and do all we can to help each other along.

To walk each other home and to bring light and kindness to those who need it.

This was very profoundly shown to me a couple of weekends ago when my 16-year-old daughter and I attended the Pride March in Salt Lake City. I was very nervous about it, worried about protesters or interactions that might not be positive. It turns out I need not have worried. I have never been in a situation that affected me so strongly. The love and encouragement that was shown was incredible.

Peacefully walking with other people of all different shapes and sizes and races and beliefs was incredibly powerful! We filled the road from sidewalk to sidewalk for several city blocks and everyone was patient and kind as we first walked slowly and then as things got going a little more quickly, in the heat, people were encouraging others along and I was so overjoyed to see the love and acceptance that radiated from all of the people there.

I decided to make my life-long motto “I’ll Walk With You”. I want to choose kindness and encouragement as my default for all people I interact with. I want to love others well and never leave anyone doubting that their Heavenly Parents love them as well.

I created this page in my sketchbook and a follower on Instagram suggested that I make it into a free printable so we can all share the love a little bit more. What a great idea! And of course, once I started I couldn’t stop. So there are some extra goodies included in the download as well.

I genuinely believe that loving others is one of our most important purposes here on earth.

I went right to work and created a whole set of printables for you to use together as journaling cards or in other ways in your albums, scrapbooks and journals. The colors are bright and cheerful and the messages are encouraging. I hope that as you use these printables you will share them with others who you think may benefit from the message and the idea of us all linking arms and walking each other home.

Included in the free printable, you’ll find one frameable 8×10″ of the “We are all just walking each other home” quote as well as another page with 4 journaling & patterned cards. I recommend printing them on cardstock, but they would probably look really pretty on vellum, too!

How to use these free printable journaling cards:

  • Add to your daily or gratitude journal
  • Use in the margins of your scriptures
  • Add as a cute tag on a gift
  • send as a postcard to someone who needs a little cheering up
  • I’m sure there are a million other ideas! I’d love to see what you create! Tag me on Instagram so I can share!

To download this free printable just enter your name and email address below and it will come right to you. Thank you so much for being here and for loving those around you well!