Why Would You Get Up Early?

I was talking with an acquaintance not long ago and the subject of my creative habits challenge came up.  I mentioned that I have been getting up early each day in order to make time to paint/draw every single day this year.  The woman scoffed a little and said in a condescending tone, “There is no way I would get up early to paint.”

I was surprised by her response because in general (at least to my face) people have been very supportive of this goal.  She, a little awkwardly, changed the subject and the conversation moved on. Later that day, though, I found my thoughts returning to her comment. Not because I was hurt by it, but because I was intrigued.  I wished I could go back in time and carry on that conversation. I wanted to say, “Okay, so painting/doodling is not your thing. That’s fine. But what would you get up early to do?”

Because I didn’t ask her, I want to ask you. What have you always wanted to do, but can never seem to find the time? What long-lost hobby are you dying to pick up again? I’m not asking what you feel like other people would expect you to do, or what you think you should you do. But what do you want to do?

Is it worth getting up a few minutes earlier?  You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish early in the morning, even in just a few minutes.  And those few moments doing something you love have an impact on the entire day.  Those few minutes, added up over days and days and finally your whole lifetime, can lead to the creation of something great.

I want to encourage you to just get started.  You don’t need to have a detailed plan.  I have found that the accountability of sharing my progress every day on Instagram is helpful, but even that is not necessary.

My morning routine has grown over the years and now it includes scripture study, a chapter from an inspirational book, making a list for the day, exercise, and painting/drawing time.  This has been revolutionary in my life.  I am convinced that I’m a better wife, mother, friend and person because I am making my personal development a priority.

Why would/do YOU get up early?

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