Winter Bucket List Free Printable

Free printable Winter Bucket List!  This is a great way to enjoy the cold winter months as a family!

The holiday season is over and the freshness and excitement of the new year is beginning to melt away.  But it’ll be months before the snow melts away.  Here in our mountain valley we’re headed into the longest, coldest, darkest time of the year.

This Winter Bucket List is my attempt to warm up the cold days with my family and inspire us to make the most of this beautiful winter season, rather than spend all our time dreaming of spring.

The idea with this bucket list is that we’ll color in each activity as we complete it.  Just like my (Autumn Bucket List and Summer Bucket List).  It’s a sweet, visual reminder to do fun things together and enjoy the season we’re in.

The activities are all pretty simple and don’t require much planning or money to pull off.  They’ll help us make memories together this winter and I’m really looking forward to checking items off our list.

This Winter Bucket List includes:

Build a snowman
snuggle up and read
drink hot chocolate
shovel snow for a neighbor
cut out paper snowflakes
watch a favorite movie
bake bread
bundle up and go for a walk
take pictures of the snow
go sledding
send valentines
cuddle by a fire
turn up the music and have a dance party
bake cookies
make a list of goals
have a game night
write a letter to someone you love
have a snowball fight
build a blanket fort
do a puzzle
make snow angels


I’d love to see how you use this printable! Share a photo and tag me on Instagram.

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