A Rant…

I’m feeling the need to vent about something and hope you won’t mind. I am generally not easily offended, but there is a scenario that happens to us fairly frequently lately, and I don’t like it. Often when we run into old acquaintances, or meet someone new, the topic of Ethan’s adoption will come up. (Mostly because Ellie still loves […]

“Stuck To Us Like Glue”

Yesterday morning we were able to have our sweet Ethan sealed to us in the Jordan River temple. The ceremony was small, just family and a couple close friends. It was perfect! Ellie looked beautiful in the white dress Grandma Hillman made and Ethan was sweet and happy as ever. He kept smiling at us and every time he did, […]

It’s official!

As of today, Ethan Clarke Hillman is officially stuck with us! Hip hip, Hooray! Here we are at the courthouse after the adoption was finalized. We’re thrilled to be a family of four (although we’ve felt that way for a long time, it’s nice to make it legal)! We can hardly wait for Saturday!