DIY Pioneer Ring Toss Game

In Utah the 24th of July is a state holiday known as Pioneer Day.  We celebrate the day  Mormon Pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley much like Independence Day: parades, fireworks, picnics, time outdoors. Because our kids have been playing Pioneers for much of the summer (thanks to their love of “The Laura Books” ) I thought it would be […]

Flower Wreath Embroidery

I drew this flower wreath as part of my Sisters embroidery pattern, and I loved the simplicity of it so much that I decided to make it available without the quote as well. You can fill it with anything your heart desires: a quote that inspires you, your daughter’s name, and important date or whatever else strikes your fancy. It […]

Twitterature July 2014

I’m joining in with Modern Mrs. Darcy today to share what I’ve been reading lately.  I find myself in the middle of a lot of books this month, without as many finished as I normally have since the last Twitterature. Notes from a Blue Bike I really enjoyed this book even though I didn’t find it particularly groundbreaking.  If you’ve been […]

Families Are Forever Embroidery Pattern

I wanted to commemorate our beautiful adoption experience in a tangible way, so I designed this embroidery pattern to be a visual reminder of the miracles our family has experienced. I love the way the color changes in the variegated embroidery floss add depth to the satin-stitch letters.  This little piece makes me happy every time I see it, which is […]

Reposted: A Rant

This post was orginally published in 2009, just after we finalized Ethan’s adoption. We’re experiencing this conversation a lot right now so I wanted to share it again. A Rant… I’m feeling the need to vent about something and hope you won’t mind. I am generally not easily offended, but there is a scenario that happens to us fairly frequently […]

Camping Love Embroidery Pattern

When I was growing up, the majority of our vacations were spent camping.  Actually, even now the majority of our vacations are spent camping.  We are a camping family, and I love it.  I love watching my kids play in the dirt with rocks and sticks as their action figures, I love cooking over an open flame, I love waking […]