(More) General Conference Activities and Ideas

   We hope that our activities and ideas will help to enrich your family’s General Conference experience! For more ideas and recipes, check out April’s General Conference round up for 13 additional posts!   Resources for teaching children about following the Prophet Preparing for Inspiration                   Quiet Time with Doh Vinci   […]

General Conference Journal for Busy Moms (and HUGE coupon code!)

 I used to take copious notes during General Conference.  By the end of each session I’d have written pages and pages of inspiring quotes and detailed impressions.  That doesn’t happen as much anymore, now that we have kids.  It’s hard to listen to a complete session, no matter how many amazing keep-the-kids-quietly-busy activities I plan and prepare. So I designed […]

Twitterature September

I’m joining in with Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share short reviews of the books I’ve been reading lately. Running for my Life This is an incredibly powerful autobiography of one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, the Olympic athlete Lopez Lamong.  I have a soft spot in my heart for these boys and have read many accounts of […]

Shower the People You Love With Love

I grew up listening to the incredible voice of James Taylor.  I have countless memories of singing along with my beautiful Mama as we drove in the car.  A long-standing item on my bucket list was to see him in concert.  I was absolutely delighted to check that experience off my list last fall, in the company of my amazing […]

Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

 Over the years our homeschool methodology has been tweaked and refined as we have come to understand what our children require for a positive and uplifting experience and what their Mama/Teacher needs in order to experience the same.. Each year I fall in love with homeschooling a little bit more, and this year promises to be no exception.  I am thrilled […]