“Ye are the Light of the World” Matthew 5:14 Mormon.org has put together another beautiful Light The World challenge for the approaching Christmas season. You’ll be able to see more here when it launches November 24th. Basically, each day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas, they have selected a scripture to read and then act upon to help […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately

After several slower months, this has been an excellent reading month for me! Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.  Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy for more Quick Lit reviews. The Golden Goblet This was a read aloud to go along with our study of Ancient Egypt for history.  (We’re using The Good and the Beautiful Year 1 curriculum and we […]

My Favorite Journaling Supplies

I’ve been a journal keeper my entire life.  I remember as a child writing in a floral fabric-covered journal that I had named Bobbi, because it was the 80s and that seemed like the hippest name there could possibly be. While my journal keeping methods have changed (I no longer name them, for instance), I still love spending time processing […]

Gratitude Journal Inserts

November is possibly my favorite month (Do I say that every month?).  And Thanksgiving is definitely just about my favorite holiday.  I love to spend time focusing on gratitude and intentionally remembering the over-abundance of blessings I have been given.  In that vein, I am delighted to share some Thanksgiving journal inserts with you today. These inserts are coloring pages.  […]

Little Lamb from Bethlehem: A Christ-Centered Tradition

I’ve been on a mission to focus our Christmas celebrations more fully on Christ.  (Check out my Names of Christ Advent  for one way we’ve been doing that over the past couple of years.) It’s tough to do since so much of the marketing and conversation with kids at this time of year is focused on Santa and toys. I am pleased […]