Faith Copywork for LDS Families (free download!)

Copywork for LDS (Mormon) families.  This copywork packet is based on the theme of Faith and is filled with scriptures and quotes about faith from LDS church leaders.   I’m delighted to share with you the next installment in my LDS Copywork series!  Each month I  share FREE copywork based around a gospel topic.  This month’s packet is all about […]

Abraham and Isaac Free Printable Paper Dolls

Abraham and Isaac Printable Play Set.  This hand-painted play set is perfect for Primary lessons, Family Home Evening or family gospel discussions! As a family who has also faced infertility and loss, Abraham and Sarah’s story is so powerful to me. We felt like it took us a long time to be able to add children to our family, but Sarah was […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately: July 2018

This has been a pretty great reading month for me! Seven books finished and partway through a few more.  What have you been reading lately? Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I have been hearing about this book for a while and finally got my hands (or, rather, my ears) on it.  It was different than I was expecting.  In my mind […]

Super Easy Crochet Pot Holders (Double Thick)

Easy and useful crochet project! These crochet pot holders (or hot pads) are a quick and easy crochet project that will come in so handy for years to come!  They are double thickness, so they stand up to heat and to wear and tear really well. We use these multiple times a day in our home and love them. The […]