Book of Mormon Study Journal for Kids (Volume 2)

Today is a big day! I’m rolling out Volume Two of my Book of Mormon Study Guide!

(Read about Vol 1 here).

This printable study journal is designed to help your kids (and you!) dive into an in-depth study of the stories of the Book of Mormon.  This 50 page journal includes thought-provoking questions and places for drawing, doodling and journaling. The design is intentionally simple to allow your child’s artwork and notes and thoughts to take center stage.

Volume Two includes the following stories:

  • King Benjamin
  • Abinadi and King Noah
  • Alma at the Waters of Mormon
  • King Limhi
  • Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah
  • Alma and Amulek’s Mission
  • Alma and Amulek in Prison
  • Ammon and King Lamoni

We use these journals as part of our homeschool morning time, but they could fit well no matter when you do your scripture study.  Confident readers could use them for independent study or the whole family can study together.  I prefer to study together since we can discuss questions and uncover truths together, but the beauty of this study guide is that it’s very flexible.  

And I’m thrilled to announce that Volume Three will be released in the very near future!
**Your purchase entitles you to print this journal as many times as you need for personal and family use.  
Please do not share the document or the file with others.**