A Peek Into My Sketchbook: Costa Rica Travel Edition

On our recent Costa Rica trip, I took along a sketchbook (naturally) and because of that these pages are somewhat adventure-themed. I drew the “Oh darling, let’s be adventurer’s” page on our flight.  Every time I look at it, I remember the anticipation I was feeling as we set off to visit a new place.
Oh, I adore traveling.

I drew the Pura Vida page after our zipline trip.  Here’s what I recorded about it: 

Our zip line guide taught me the meaning of the phrase Pura Vida yesterday. It means “pure life” and in Costa Rica you can use it as a response to basically any question.

It means life is beautiful, everything is great, and oh well…that’s life, all rolled up into one tidy phrase. So I drew this palm leaf pattern and the phrase Pura Vida to remind me of this beautiful adventure and our incredible experience here.

To remember the details of the trip, I drew these simple pages.  The highlight of our travels was a ziplining canopy tour.  It was simply amazing.  So, of course, I added the little picture of myself ziplining across the page.

I love to look back and remember small details from trips and this is a really simple way to do so.  I just drew little line drawings of the things I wanted to remember: the tiny bottle of sunscreen we purchased for $23, the little pastries I fell in love with at breakfast, Jason’s first time swimming in the ocean, the pushy tour guides at the national park.  
Just looking through these pages bring back the feelings and experiences so clearly for me. That’s why I love journaling and documenting life through my sketchbook.