Book Review: Walking with the Women of the New Testament

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with Heather from Women in the Scriptures on an amazing project. Heather is a scripture scholar and her blog has long been an inspiration to me.  I was thrilled when she asked me to design the study guides to go along with her beautiful book, Walking with the Women of the New Testament .  The book was just released and the study guides are now available!

This book is absolutely gorgeous.  The artistic photographs by Mandy Jane Williams are stunning. Heather’s words are uplifting and have helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the women in the New Testament.  It’s easy to overlook the women mentioned in the scriptures because it often seems that they don’t play a large role.  However, we still have much to learn from them.  As I have been reading Heather’s book and studying the New Testament I’ve gained new insights into these courageous, faithful women and their stories.

Heather has such an intimate knowledge of the stories of women shared in the New Testament.  She brings them to life and makes them relatable and understandable.  In the introduction to the book Heather writes:

Even though we are not able to physically walk with these New Testament women, we can metaphorically walk with them as we study their lives in the scriptures.  In this book, you will find the stories of nearly eighty women who, as you learn their stories and study their lives, you can come to know as friends and sisters.  Most important, walking with them will teach you about Jesus.  Many of the women in this book knew Jesus Christ. They followed Him, literally walking in His footsteps.  They can help you come to know Him like they knew Him.

I have barely scratched the surface in my study of Walking with the Women in the New Testament, but I already love the richness and depth this book has brought to my study time.  I am certain it will be a resource throughout my life as it is full of more insights than I could hope to internalize after many times through. 

I highly recommend the study guides, as well.  Heather’s questions and study prompts are thought-provoking.  The additional resources are a tremendous way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the women you study.

This beautiful book would make a perfect, long-lasting gift this Christmas season.

I received a free copy of Walking with the Women in the New Testament to review, but all opinions are my own.