Building a Creative Habit

One of my goals for 2015 is to focus on creating.  I have millions of ideas for paintings, embroidery patterns, study guides, and countless other things floating around in my head.  Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the number of ideas my brain contains. So much so that I don’t follow through on any of them.

It’s easy not to follow through.  My day can be packed from morning til night and it’s easy to tell myself that I just don’t have the time.  What it comes down to is that I need to MAKE the time.

I just celebrated my 33rd birthday. As part of this focus on creativity mindset, I set the specific goal to paint something every day until I turn 34. I have been sharing my progress on Instagram. Follow along there to see my current works in progress.

I don’t plan to finish a painting every single day.  My goal is just to make progress, and so far I am thrilled with how much progress I have made.  A daily habit of small, manageable actions leads to big things over time.

I am slowly working on putting my ideas onto paper.  Granted, this is only one area of ideas but already I feel less stress as I am slowly and methodically working my way through.

I get up early each morning to study, exercise and have some quiet time before my kids wake up. Now I also use this time to paint. It’s amazing how much progress can be made in just a few minutes. Work like this can seem so intimidating, and like you’d need hours of uninterrupted time in order to make any headway.  After only 9 days, though, I know that’s not true.  In even just 10-15 minutes, I can make a noticeable difference in my current painting.

If, for whatever reason, I am unable to paint in the morning I can still find a little snippet of time during the day to make it happen.

My cousin and I share the same birthday (I am about six hours older) and he is an artist as well.  I am thrilled that he is joining me in this challenge.  He has assigned themes to his work, which I think is brilliant and I am going to do the same.  I think that will help tremendously to cut down the “What am I going to paint today?” stress. I am currently in a Love phase, painting quotes about love, nerdy valentine card ideas, a sweet little penguin who loves you, and the like.

My favorite paintings will make their way into my Etsy shop as prints, cards and maybe some embroidery patterns.

If you have ideas for themes, quotes or cuteness you’d like me to paint, I’d love to hear your suggestions! 

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