Slavery and the Underground Railroad Unit Resources (and free notebooking pages)

We have been doing a study of Slavery and the Underground Railroad in our homeschool lately. This is a dark time period to study and has lead to many discussions about race, rights and taking freedom for granted.  It’s been especially poignant for us to study slavery with our little Elijah running around and sharing his sweet dimpled grin with us.  I think it made the trials his ancestors faced seem even more real to Ellie and Ethan.

I designed these simple notebooking pages to be used during our study and wanted to share them with you as well. They include pages (both with and without prompts) for:

Harriet Tubman
Abraham Lincoln
The Drinking Gourd
Imagine you were a Slave
and a blank page


Books Recommendations:

Elijah of Buxton
Unspoken  This is a beautiful book, with no words.  It tells the story of a young girl who helps a runaway slave.  We poured over these gorgeous images and were able to really discuss the emotions each charcter must have been feeling.

To Be a Slave This is a good read aloud for older children.  It explains in detail, in heartbreaking first person accounts what it was like to be a slave.
Underground Railroad
Just a few words, Mr. Lincoln  The story behind the Gettysburg Address is told in simple language.  (LOVED this book!)
Henry’s Freedom Box  Picture book with a beautiful story and gorgeous illustrations.
How Did Slaves Find a Route to Freedom?  And other questions from the Underground Railroad

Additional resources:

Printable Maps (scroll down about 2/3 of the page)

An excellent video from Newark Museum depicting the painting “Near Andersonville” by Winslow Homer come to life.  (We were all completely fascinated by this video.)

Flight to Freedom game 

Reading Rainbow, Follow the Drinking Gourd.

Download the notebooking pages here.