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Calavera (Sugar Skull) Embroidery Free Pattern

Calavera (Sugar Skull) Embroidery Free Pattern

We’ve had a big of a sugar skull  (aka Calavera) craze going on at our house lately. We learned about their origin and the part they play in traditional Dia de los Muertos celebrations.  The next logical step was to try our hand at making some, out of felt of course.  This was such a fun project for my 6 year old, 10 year old and myself.  Ellie (10) literally burst into tears when she finished her first one.
She was so delighted with it that she just couldn’t contain herself.

She went on to make several others to give to friends and was able to hold her emotions in a little better with each one.  We ended up adding a back and stuffing the skulls, just for fun.

The possibilities with this project are endless, and you can make your creations as intricate or simple as you’d like.  Use the pattern below as a jumping off point and go wild.  Well, as wild as hand sewing with felt can possibly get…