31 Days of Free Embroidery Patterns
Free Snowflake Hand Embroidery Pattern

Free Snowflake Hand Embroidery Pattern

Six more days to go! I’ve got to tell you, friends, this project has been much harder than I anticipated. I began designing and stitching the patterns in August and I’ve worked almost exclusively on this project since then.  That’s a long, long time for me to work on a single project.  (Admittedly, it’s not my only project I’ve been working on, but it’s definitely been the emphasis for all this time).

With the end in sight, I’ve been going a bit stir crazy and started a huge home improvement painting project last week.  After 4 years in our fixer upper, I’ve finally replaced the horrendous paint in our master bedroom.  It was a huge project and I might have neglected my children for almost an entire day in order to finish up.  But it’s gorgeous and I’m so happy with the change.

That information has nothing at all to do with the pattern for today, other than the fact that I’m in the home stretch of this 31 Days of Embroidery Pattern project and I’m really looking forward to being done.

Today’s pattern is a sweet and simple snowflake.

Download the pattern here