Felt Bird Free Pattern

I’m so excited to be sharing this free felt birdie pattern with you today! I have created some out of my own handmade felt (shown in the photo above) and in pre-made wool felt and they both turned out so lovely! These felt birds are a fun project for beginners as well as more experienced felt sewists/embroiderers. You can use […]

Rainbow Baby Quilt

In the last stages of my pregnancy with Edith, I was having severe problems with carpal tunnel and couldn’t work very long on my usual projects of choice. I could only handle knitting and intricate drawing for a few minutes at a time before my hands became painfully numb.  So, obviously, another kind of project was needed (I can’t just […]

Quiet Book Pages for Boys

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a delightful and extremely active boy in your life.  He’s curious and smart and if you ever turn your head for even a second he’s climbing the curtains or dumping flour all over the floor, or any other number of mess-producing activities. I spent every spare moment (and, admittedly, some I probably shouldn’t […]