Courage Copywork (Free LDS Copywork)

Courage Copywork (Free LDS Copywork)

Copywork for LDS (Mormon) homeschool families.  This copywork packet is based on the theme of Courage and is filled with scripture and quotes about courage from LDS church leaders.
I’m delighted to share with you the first post in what I hope will be a series you love!  Each month I am going to share FREE copywork based around a gospel topic.  This month’s packet is all about courage. (If you’re wondering what copywork is, this is a great explanation).
We love to use copywork in our home as a way to practice penmanship as well as to memorize beautiful and uplifting words. Of course, you don’t have to be a homeschooling family to use copywork. This is a perfect activity for a quiet Sunday afternoon and you could also use it with your children each morning or evening as part of your family scripture study. 
This packet includes ten different quotes, in styles appropriate for three ability levels: tracing letters, guided writing and fluent writing.

How to use copywork in your homeschool:

We spend a few minutes on copywork each day during our Morning Time.  My 4 year old is still learning letters and correct letter formation, but he loves to work alongside his older siblings. He may only finish a word or two, but that’s okay. We just pick up the next day where we left off. My 9 year old son does not love copywork, but he does see the benefit as his handwriting had drastically improved recently. Just a few minutes a day really adds up. My 13 year old daughter loves to write and has beautiful penmanship, so she has moved on to just copying quotes into her own journal simply because of the beautiful words.
I’d love to see how your family puts this packet to use. Share a picture and tag me on Instagram!

Download Free Courage Copywork