Queen Esther Paper Play Set

Queen Esther Paper Play Set

Queen Esther Printable Play Set.  This hand-painted play set is perfect for Primary lessons, Family Home Evening or gospel discussions.

The Story of Queen Esther

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time studying in the Book of Esther.  What an amazing life she lived! After her parents died, when Esther was young, she was raised by her kind uncle, Mordecai.  He raised her to become a kind, courageous and beautiful woman. Her beauty led her to become Queen and because of her high position in the land, she was in the right place to help her people when they were in desperate need.  Her courage allowed her to speak up in the face of injustice and save her entire race!

Printable Queen Esther Play Set

I created this paper play set so I can share Esther’s remarkable story with my own children.  Our children are split into what we call ‘The Bigs’ (ages 13 and 9) and ‘The Littles’ (ages 4 and 1.5). There is a big age gap between our kids, so we face vastly different needs when it comes to learning and internalizing scripture stories. (Read more about our adoption story).

‘The Bigs’ are ready to read directly from the scriptures and they can understand and discuss the topics we’ve studied. ‘The Littles’ are still in the stage where they need to hear scripture stories over and over again, just to become familiar with them. They’re not ready for deep doctrinal discussions quite yet.

That’s where these printable play sets come in handy!  ‘The Littles’ love to play with these figures, and stop to talk about each one, while I tell them the story. They’d be perfect for Primary lessons, or for Family Home Evening as well!


Supplies to make paper dolls:

Print play set (Download below)
Laminator, if desired
Popsicle sticks, if desired
Velcro or pieces of flannel, if desired

How to make paper doll play set:

Print out the paper dolls and background.
Cut out the figures.
Laminate, if desired. This step is optional, but will help the play set last longer.
You could attach the popsicle sticks as a handle onto the puppets, but we like them better without.
You could also use velcro or a piece of flannel glued to the back of the puppets to use them on a flannel board, if desired.
If you’d like to download this Queen Esther Printable Play Set, click the link below:

Download Queen Esther Printable Play Set.

I’d love for you to share a photo and tag me on Instagram so I can see how your family puts these to use!

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