David and Goliath Paper Play Set

David and Goliath Paper Play Set

David and Goliath Old Testament paper dolls are such a fun addition to family scripture study and family home evening. They help little ones learn the scripture stories so well!

I’m dropping in today with the next installment of our Old Testament stories paper play sets.
If you saw the first paper play set I shared (Jonah and the Whale) and read the slightly
embarrassing reason why I’ve been creating these sets, I’m happy to report that it worked!
I used the set to tell the story of Jonah to my four year old son and he LOVED it! He played with
the set for a while, reenacting the story and solidifying it in his mind, and he was even able to retell
the story to his daddy and siblings later in the day.  

Today I’m delighted to share a play set for the story of David and Goliath!  This story is found in
Samuel Chapter 17 and it’s a pretty remarkable tale of bravery and trust in the Lord.
Samuel’s desire to follow the Lord and his strength in the face of danger is exactly the kind of
story I want to fill up my child’s imagination. You can also find a short video featuring this story here
and a ton of helpful David and Goliath resources here.

This would make a perfect family home evening lesson, or a great way to entertain kids during
sacrament meeting. I am planning to have this set available for my little guy to play with during General Conference this weekend. ( I’ll be using this Conference Journal for Busy Moms myself and my older kids will be using this Conference Doodle Journal)

Supplies to make paper dolls:

Print play set (Download below)
Laminator, if desired
Popsicle sticks, if desired
Velcro or pieces of flannel, if desired

How to make paper doll play set:

Print out the paper dolls and background.
Cut out the figures.
Laminate, if desired.
You could attach the popsicle sticks as a handle onto the puppets, but we like them better without.
You could also use velcro or a piece of flannel glued to the back of the puppets to use them on a
flannel board, if desired.


I have a deep love for scripture stories and the powerful lessons they contain. I’m so happy to find
a way to share them with my children that’s both meaningful and simple.  

How have you successfully helped your children to learn scripture stories? Tell me all about it in
the comments!