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Doctrine and Covenants Copywork

Doctrine and Covenants Copywork

Doctrine and Covenants Copywork 


Hey everybody. I am thrilled to share with you my latest copywork project! This new Doctrine and Covenants copywork bundle includes approximately 100 pages of copywork in three different skill levels. So, you’ll get unlimited access to print 300 minimalist pages filled with uplifting words to help your children learn and grow, both academically and spiritually. 


Designed for Multiple Ages and Abilities

I created this copywork kit with each of my kids in mind, so it includes varying levels of difficulty for littles with Preschool, Early Elementary, and Middle School ability levels. We don’t usually spend long periods of time doing copywork, but short bursts have been helpful to keep my kid’s minds and hands busy for a few minutes at a time. 

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The Preschool pages are very simple. Usually, they have a word or small phrase designed to have the child trace dotted lines on the page. For these younger kiddos, copywork encourages the development of their fine motor skills. They can simply practice penmanship and gain confidence in putting pen to paper.


The Early Elementary level is slightly more challenging. Typically they have a longer phrase to copy. The text is dotted lines for the child to trace and practice forming letters, providing the opportunity to notice the minute details used in writing.


The Upper Elementary/Middle School level is significantly different than the other two. It is designed with a paragraph or quote at the top of the page with lines for the middle schooler to independently write the quote below. 

These pages are designed to be pretty simple. The quotes are surrounded by plenty of white space to encourage creativity and artistic freedom to doodle and continue creating before, during, or after completing the copywork page.


Benefits of Copywork

There are countless benefits of doing copywork. The simple, quiet moments spent writing allow children to focus and notice specific details used in language arts. Details such as proper: 

  • Composition
  • Capitalization
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Penmanship, and more 

We often use copywork in our daily routine. And I love it because it creates little moments of peace in our home. It encourages my children to sit for just a few minutes, and focus on something positive and uplifting. I especially love that, with this copywork bundle, my kiddos can all create and learn together, at their own level. 

The time my kids spend looking at proper English, noticing the small details, and writing what they see, encourages muscle memory and helps improve their understanding of the English language.

These minimalist scripture-based copywork pages also allow my children to absorb the powerful words of other writers while internalizing some of the doctrines that are so important to my heart.

 Not only are these copywriting activities highly effective for learning proper writing skills, but they are also low-prep, low-mess, and create beautiful opportunities for conversation.

Download your Doctrine and Covenants copywork pages here! 

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