Weekly Tasks Sheet Free Printable

Weekly Tasks Sheet Free Printable

Printable weekly task list for busy moms. Print off this one sheet each week and keep track of everything you need to do!

Hi there, friends!

A little while ago I shared a glimpse of the weekly task printable I designed and use every single week in my Instagram stories and I had SO many requests to make it available for others to use. It took a little bit of time to edit it and get it just right, but I’m so excited to share this with you today!

I have tried multiple planners and organization systems over the years and I keep coming back to a weekly checklist of sorts, like this one. This particular version has gone through many iterations and I finally feel like it’s really perfect for my needs. I hope that means it’s helpful for you as well!

The page is jam-packed full of ways to help you be more efficient in running your home. It includes:

  • Three trackers for daily tasks
  • Batch lists for Home & Garden, Errands, Phone & Computer plus two additional lists for you to label to fit your needs
  • Weekly task list, with lines to write your tasks for each day
  • Meal Planning section

I sit down with a fresh sheet every Sunday and brain dump the tasks, errands, etc. that I need to take care of that week. I hang the list on our frigde and add to it/cross things off as the week goes on. I try to assign a “theme” to each weekday, and check off as many items from that list on the assigned day.

For example: on Tuesdays when I pull out my “inbox” (the place where all papers, bills, etc. are placed while they wait for me to process them), I pay all of our outstanding bills, make all the phone calls on my list, and do all the computer-related tasks in one session.

This batching system makes a HUGE difference for me as I am able to focus on one type of task rather than flitting back and forth between different kinds of work.

When I’m out running kids to lessons and actitvities, I can glance at my errands list to see if there’s anything I can fit in while I’m driving around town.


My daily morning/HOME routine is what keeps our house from falling into a complete disaster and I love having a little tracker box to keep track of what I’ve done each day. I don’t get to every task on that list every day, so it’s helpful for me to see what was done most recently and what I need to get to.

I choose to use the second box as my HOMESCHOOL Tracker. It helps me not to forget to do independent work with each of the kids, or make sure they practice their instruments, etc. It’s easy for me to forget to do one of those items, so having this list on the fridge where I see it multiple times a day is a perfect little nudge to remind me what I should be doing.

The third tracker I use for our evening routine: kitchen jobs, preparation for the next day, family scripture study, power tidy, etc.

Meal planning for the week has been a life saver for me for years. I know that the earlier in the day I get started on dinner, the less stress I have and the easier it is to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time.

My daily and weekly tasks are loosely based on the FlyLady’s system, with some tweaking to make it work for our family in this season of life.

I’m so excited for you to use this printable! I hope that it’s useful for you! You have a couple of options for filling it out. You can write out each task on the line provided. OR if you have Adobe Acrobat, you can use the form filler option to type the tasks in place before you print it out. Learn more about that process here.

I’d love to see how you’re using this! Please share a photo and tag me on Instagram!

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