Don’t You Quit Free Quote Poster

One of the most meaningful and inspiring talks I’ve ever heard is Good Things to Come by Jeffrey R. Holland.  It was made into the beautiful Mormon Message video below, and I’ve watched it countless times. Especially during our trials of infertility and adoption it’s brought me tremendous comfort. I can’t make it through this video without tearing up (and some days sobbing).

It’s such a touching message of God’s goodness and the power that comes from trusting in His timing for our lives.

I’ve been meaning to put my favorite quote from this talk up on our wall for years and finally got around to doing it last week. I wanted it to be big and eye catching, so I designed it as an 18″x 24″ print. I sent mine to Staples and had it printed as a black and white engineering print.  It cost less than $2!

I’m so happy with how it turned out and I’m also delighted to share it with you!

Download the Don’t You Quit Quote poster here`