Ethan’s 15 month check-up

(It’s really hard to keep his face clean!)

Here are the stats from Ethan’s 15 month check-up (over 1 month ago…).

Height: 33″ 80th percentile
Weight: 22 lbs 15 oz 25th percentile
Head: 75th percentile
Jason and I were just talking about how Ethan is built just like a miniature man. His body shape doesn’t look like a baby to me, maybe because he’s tall and skinny. He’s built a lot like his daddy, except Ethan has an enormous head.
Signs Ethan uses: milk, sleep, hurt, eat, water, dog, fish, airplane, helicopter, cat, monkey, dirty, help, more, please, waves hi and bye.
Words: yay! (He doesn’t ever say “yes” or “yeah” it’s always, “Yaaaay!”) uh-oh, no, Da-da or Dad-oo, Mama, yellow, fish, light, hot, hat, Ellie (Ollleee), Sis, hi, hello, Wow!, whoa, ow!, toes, eyes, “Ahh you” =love you, “Dat doo”= thank you, “tittow”=tickle, bye
Sound effects (I never listed sound effects for Ellie when she was a baby. But I guess that’s another difference between boys and girls.): Airplane, Car, snoring sounds, monkey sounds, dog sounds (barking and panting), “shhh…”, cat, blows raspberries
Things Ethan LOVES to do: play with his food, including rubbing it into his hair; point out airplanes and helicopters; play with big sister Ellie; run away mid-diaper change; sing “Wheels on the Bus” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider”; Read books; play with cars; take a bath. He likes to play the piano and is actually very gentle with it. His latest game is “Where’s Your Tummy?”. We ask “Where’s your tummy?” and he lifts up his shirt. Sometimes he even says “Tittow! (tickle)”
Ethan also loves animals, but only from a distance.
He’s been sprouting teeth the past few months. He currently has 12 and is working on at least 4 more.
We love our Ethan and the way he lights up our home. I can’t imagine what life was like before he was ours.

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      Wow, Ethan is so cute. He says a lot of words. Cam makes a lot of sounds that only we understand what he is trying to say. Ethan really is a joy to watch and it is so fun to watch him grow in your family.

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