Family Goals (free printable)

My cute husband and I were just talking about how we are in the busiest season of our lives right now. Even though we try to limit our commitments outside the home, we still have lots on our plates these days.  Time passes so quickly, between shuttling kids to activities and our own service and individual projects and interests. that it’s easy for us to look up and realize that we have just been in survival mode and not truly enjoying this incredible time of our lives. 
 I want to be very intentional with our time, so I created this monthly goals page for our family.  Each month we’ll sit down and set some goals together and then post them in a very visible place so we are constantly reminded to make time for the things we want to do together.
We currently have one filled out and on our fridge.  It’s a reminder to me every day to look for things to celebrate, to plan adventure into our days and to put the things that really matter first.