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Five Things for Friday

Five Things for Friday

1–Me: Go get ready to take the big kids to piano lessons.
Two minutes later…
Him: I’m all ready, Mama!

Looking back through my photos from the week, most of them are of trouble Elijah has gotten into.  Getting himself a “little snack” (aka a giant bowl of mini chocolate chips), eating his morning smoothie with a paintbrush (where did he get that?!), etc. Oh, this boy.  He is such a delight and so exhausting all at once.  He’s smart and opinionated and fun.  And I am firmly convinced that whoever named them “The Terrible Twos” never had a three-year-old.

2– This.  You’re welcome.
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3– We’re planning a little trip to California to visit my dear cousin and her kids.  And also to camp and enjoy the sunshine and the beach.  I added a simple planning page to my bullet journal this week, which makes me feel like it’s really going to happen.
4– Kid activities.
The boys started swimming lessons last week.  Indoors, of course.  The girls and I hang out by the pool and work on projects (my latest embroidery pattern will be in the shop soon!) and chat.
Miss Ellie is moving up to the Gold team at her swim club, which means 2 hour practices every afternoon. She’s been making such huge progress lately, and it’s so fun to see her love the sport that I loved so deeply at her age.  Watching her has brought back many memories for me.
Our local (amazing) homeschool community held a History Fair last week. Ethan’s presentation was about medieval castles and weapons.  And Ellie’s was on Illuminated Manuscripts.
Notice the adorable photobomber in both pictures. 🙂
5– Jason is a big fan of the Judge John Hodgman Podcast and he often shares the funniest bits with me.  He saved a hilarious snippet from this show for me to listen to, and I literally clapped at the end.
“With beekeeping, you just have to get your work out there. You know what I mean? Like…yeah, you might have a day job for a while but you’re gonna have to beekeep at night. You’re gonna have to get up in the early morning and beekeep. You’re gonna have to beekeep even on your birthday. And for a long time you’re going to be rejected a lot for your beekeeping.  People are going to be saying no. But in beekeeping, as in all the arts, persistence is almost more important that talent. If you just keep keeping, eventually you’re going to be a beekeeper.”
I love this sentiment so much.
Keep keeping, friends.