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Heidi’s Day in the Life with a 12, 8, 3- year old and a 5-month old

Heidi’s Day in the Life with a 12, 8, 3- year old and a 5-month old

I’m joining in at Simple Homeschool today to share what a Day in the Life looks like for our family.  Find our past days here (2016, 2015).  Like so many homeschoolers, our days are never exactly the same, but we do have some rhythms and routines in place that help us to do all that needs to be done.

First, a little introduction.  We have four kiddos, ages 12, 8, 3 and 5 months.  The big gaps between kids are due to our journey with infertility and adoption.

Baby Edith often sleeps through the night, but every once in a while she likes to throw a curve ball and so I try to give myself a little grace.  While I’m a morning person through and through and I’d love to be up 2 hours before my kids, enjoying the quiet and the uninterrupted time to check stuff off my list, I know that this isn’t a season where that can happen every day so I let myself sleep later when I need it.  I always try to get up at least a little earlier than the kids, just so I can have a little peace at the beginning of the day, before the constant running around begins.

Early Morning:  This is a time for me to dive into my work.  I rotate between a few different tasks: writing here, designing/drawing for my shop and behind the scenes work that needs to take place for either the blog or shop. Ideally I aim for three Pomodoro sessions of work every day, and I feel really great if I can get them all done in the early morning, but I try to be happy with whatever I can accomplish.

Usually somewhere in the early morning time period, the baby needs to nurse. While I’m feeding her I have my morning devotional time.  I study scripture and read an uplifting book.

I stop what I’m doing around 7:00 and exercise.  Fitness Blender videos have been my go-to for years. Usually at some point during my exercise, kids come straggling in.  I stop and give them a hug, we chat for a few minutes while I finish up the video.

Morning: The two older kids rotate making breakfast, so whoever is in charge heads into the kitchen to get started.  I get dressed and help little people do the same.  We eat breakfast together, often while watching an art video on Creativebug or Skillshare.  We tidy up the kitchen and head to the schoolroom for Morning Time. (You can see what we’ve done for Morning Time for the past several terms here).

We sing a hymn, recite scripture and poems, and read from our science and history list.  We rotate through music appreciation with Squilt and Art.  We usually have an additional read aloud related to our history time period as well.  While I’m reading aloud, the big kids work in their sketchbooks or do other quiet activities.  Elijah (3) plays and interrupts every 3 seconds.  I often nurse the baby during this time.  It’s not a quiet time, but it does allow me to feel like we’re getting to all the things I love about homeschooling.

We then move on to independent work.  The big kids rotate through piano practice, math, keyboarding, assigned reading and writing.  I bounce around helping big kids, doing chores around the house, trying to keep the toddler happy and doing a little “school” with him, getting a head start on dinner, etc.

Late morning: We often have classes or lessons (piano and swimming) in the late morning. So ideally we’re all done with school stuff before we leave for class. Often we’re not and the kids finish up their lessons when we get home.

Lunch: I usually feel like morning is the most difficult time of our days. If I can make it to lunchtime with a happy attitude, the rest of the day is going to be easy.  We eat lunch and clean up.  I read to the toddler and put him down for a nap.

Quiet Time: The big kids head to Quiet Time (time to recharge their batteries by reading or playing quietly in their rooms).  If I’m lucky, both babies sleep at the same time and I have a chance to read, nap, work in my sketchbook or add a few stitches to my latest embroidery project.  Some days I get to do all of the above.  And some days none.  Most days I can do one or two to recharge my Mama-battery.

Afternoon: By this time all of the schoolwork and chores are usually done.  It’s time for the kids to watch a short show, play outside or work on whatever they want.  I do home projects, or embroidery or cook dinner. Late afternoons are spent driving kids to swim team or soccer practice or scouts/youth group.

As often as possible, my sweet husband tries to give me a little break during this time to do my own thing. He either does all the driving and runs errands with the toddler or he stays home and allows me to work on my own projects while I sit and watch swim practice, etc.  He’s really the best.

Evening: In the evenings, we eat dinner, clean up the kitchen (again) and get kiddos ready for bed.  My husband and I usually watch one episode of a show together while I nurse the baby one last time and we head to bed. I write out my list for the next day in my bullet journal and I try to read, but usually fall asleep after 30 seconds or so.

The next morning we do it all again.  It’s a full, exhausting, amazing and challenging life.  And I love it.