For Ethan

How does a mother know a child is hers and hers alone?
Especially when the child’s not of her own flesh and bone?

I’m unable to explain how I know it, but I do.
I am the one God sent to earth to love and care for you.

It doesn’t matter how you came, I just know that it is right.
I knew when you were tiny and I held you through the night.

I know each time I look into your gorgeous deep brown eyes.
I know whenever I tickle your luscious chubby thighs.

I know when we giggle, growl and crawl around the floor.
I know there is no other family who could love you more.

I know when I snuggle you in our beat-up rocking chair.
I know you are the answer to my countless whispered prayers.

The way I know seems to be what makes motherhood divine.
About this truth I have no doubt:

I know, son, you are mine.

–Heidi Hillman
December 2009

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