Free Easter Study Journal with Intricate Coloring Pages

Using the Names of Christ advent added so much to our celebration of Christmas last year that I was inspired to create something similar for Easter. I am delighted to be able to share that with you (for free!) today.
This journal is a selection of readings from the New Testament about the last week of Christ’s life on earth; beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with his miraculous Resurrection. The journal is designed to help your family learn about Christ and incorporate His love and teachings into your Easter celebrations.

How it works:

I’ve included a (usually short) set of verses to read each day of the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  All of the events described in the verses happened during the last week of Christ’s life.  Also included in the journal are discussion questions to start off a family discussion of the verses, a place to record your thoughts (or for little ones to draw a picture of the stories you read) as well as seven hand-drawn Easter eggs with intricate patterns. 
My kids (and yes, even my son) love to color things like this while they listen to us read aloud.  Keeping little hands busy helps to focus their minds and allows them to listen more deeply to what is being read.  You may be surprised by how much they pick up!
Print off a copy of the journal and Easter eggs for each person, set aside a little time each day to read the suggested verses together and discuss them and add your thoughts and insights to the journal pages as you go. I hope this journal will add to your Christ-centered celebrations this Easter!

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