My amazing Mama wrote a poem after our heartbreak last week.  We read it for the first time last night and Jason and I both cried.  Not hard to believe, I know.  This was not the sobbing-so-hard-we-can’t-breathe crying we did for the first couple of days after our failed adoption, though.  It was more of the tears-running-down-our-cheeks-and-our-hearts-still-hurt-but-we’re-slowly-moving-on type crying.


 by Kaye Kindlespire
You were almost ours
and we were making plans
of nursery, toys, and swingsets,
and walking holding hands.
You were almost ours
and life was very sweet
when we saw your tiny face,
your fingers, hair, and feet.
We held you close,
loved you right then,
and felt so very blessed.
We didn’t know that
Very soon,
We’d have to pass a test
Of faith, of hope, of choice
Of having to let go,
Of pain and sadness, lost tomorrows,
a future with you, we’d never know. 
You were almost ours
But God had other plans
and now we’re back to dreaming of
holding our baby’s hands.
ps–I love you, Mom.

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