Hanging On

This summer has been pretty rough on our family.  I’ve been feeling discouraged and it’s taken me until just the past couple of weeks to feel like myself again. All summer long I’ve had an image in my mind, a thought of reassurance that might make sense only to me.  But I feel like I should share it with you, too.
I am preparing to waterski (one of my favorite sports!).  The water is a little choppy, but this is my last chance to ski this trip so I decide to stick it out.  I am determined to make this happen, and perhaps a little desperate because the outcome is not entirely in my control.
All I can do is hold on tightly to that rope.
I set my ski and yell, “Hit it!”  I feel the resistance of the water underneath me. I lean back and grasp the handle as tightly as I can. I feel the boat tugging, pulling on my arms.  Water is all around me.  I could let go now and all the tugging would be over, the risk of crashing erased.
But, if I let go now I would not experience the exhiliration of skipping over the surface of the water; the wind in my face and red rock canyons all around (apparently, my image takes place at Lake Powell…).  I would not feel the adrenaline as I cross over the wake, the relief mingled with excitement as I get some air–maybe more than I anticipated–and don’t botch the landing. 
 If I let go now, I’d be quitting.  
Giving up before I reach my goal.
Right now I am stuck hanging on.  I am forever being pulled by the boat and feeling the resistance necessary to help me achieve, and appreciate, my goals. Instead of pulling my arms, this tugging is in my heart.  Rather than weary muscles, I’m experiencing a worn-out soul. 
The waterski rope represents HOPE.  I am grasping on to hope as faithfully and as desperately as I can.  The outcome is not entirely in my control, but I believe that prayers will be answered.
The joy and exhiliration we are hoping for will come.
I just have to hold on to Hope.