Wonderfully, Beautifully, Messily Blessed

As I mentioned earlier (here, here and here) the past few months have been difficult for me.  
It’s been hard to see the beautiful things in my life as I have felt so worn-down with our current challenges. And really there are so, so many beautiful things.  
Besides being a bit discouraged, our time has been spent on so many fabulous things lately:
Canning/perserving the garden bounty and other fall-time garden work; learning together; co-ops and groups and other glorious homeschool adventures; a new pet (oh my); a busy time for church responsibilities; planning/hoping/dreaming of the future; a new (slightly scary) artistic venture: https://www.etsy.com/shop/alivelyhope?ref=shop_sugg; volunteer work in many forms and the everyday business of life.
Some days lately have been so busy (with wonderful things) that it is difficult to find time to breathe. 
I have finally reached the point where I am (mostly) ready to move on from our difficult experiences this summer. 
 I’m ready to live and love each moment again.
 It’s been a while since I took my camera with us everywhere we go so I could catch all those glorious moments.  But as I find my heart slowly healing, my thoughts are drawn away from self-pity and I am more able to see the beautiful bits of every day.
Here are some beautiful bits from a recent family hike:

{Woolly Mammoth Caterpillar}

How wonderfully, beautifully, messily blessed my life is!
I thank you for being a part of it.

Also, we totally got a dog.  He’s been an adjustment for us.  Neither of the adults in this family are animal people.  There has been a steep learning curve as we learn how to handle feeding, pooping, sleeping arrangements.  Hank is really a good dog and (dare I say it?) I think we’re happy to have him in our lives and in our home.  The kids certainly adore him.